Is responsible neuroscience research or innovation something you would like to get better at? Would you like to join other like-minded researchers, scientists and tech innovators to reflect on societal concerns of big neuroscience infrastructure like EBRAINS? Then, the capacity building programme on responsible innovation run by the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) team at Human Brain Project (HBP) is a good place to start. 

In keeping with our commitment to enhance responsible research and innovation at the HBP and the responsible use of advanced tools, resources and services at the EBRAINS research infrastructure, the RRI team at HBP is running a capacity building programme in this area. The programme was set up by the Capacity Development Committee (CDC) on responsible research and innovation practices of the Human Brain Project. The CDC is chaired by  Bernd Stahl, the HBP Ethics Director.

The capacity building programme provides a pathway for the development of the necessary capacities for anticipating, identifying, and proactively addressing the ethical, legal and societal issues raised by the research.

Although not limited to these audiences, the training program targets HBP researchers and EBRAINS data and infrastructure providers, together with EBRAINS leadership and management. The benefits of participating in the capacity building programme, include the following: 

  • Enhanced skills for identifying and addressing the ethical, legal, and societal issues related to the HBP and EBRAINS
  • Increased awareness of the need to anticipate and deliberate on RRI related issues through public engagement
  • Ability to identify relevant tools and methods for foresight, as well as critical and philosophical reflection.
  • A better understanding of the need to develop a culture of responsible research and innovation in the HBP and EBRAINS as well as the wider neuroscience community.

The capacity building programme features a full stack of RRI topics related to the ongoing research at the HBP and relevant to the use of EBRAINS research infrastructure. Currently, there are 17 modules on offer with the potential of increasing the suite of training courses in the near future. The modules cover the ethical, societal, philosophical, and legal issues at the intersection of neuroscience research and neurotechnological innovations. The topics include data protection, data governance, dual use, AI, neurotechnological applications, neuroethics, reliability and validity of EBRAINS applications, gender equality, diversity, and public engagement.

Each training session is designed to maximise the opportunity for open dialogue between participants. They have also been formulated to promote critical thinking on the issues raised by the ongoing research in the HBP and the use of the EBRAINS infrastructure. 
The first training sessions were organised in April 2021 and a year on, over 170 participants have benefited from this programme. To participate in these events, you are invited to register for courses you’d like to attend using the information linked here. You can register immediately for courses that currently have their registration pages open. The list of courses with open registration is updated periodically and you always return for more suitable dates.

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