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Do you have a vision for your career and the know-how to plan it? Have you established the right network to support your career? Are you able to keep the life-domain-balance you wish for? For PhD students and postdocs, figuring out the next step on your career path might seem overwhelming.

To support young researchers, the Human Brain Project has developed a mentoring programme led by Karin Grasenick and Julia Trattnig (convelop, Austria). They also coordinate our Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee and recently they gave a talk in the HBP’s Tea and Slides series to engage and encourage young researchers to start mapping the direction of their future careers.

Together with Ziv Ben-Zion (Tel-Aviv University), they discussed factors for successful career development and tips on how to find a postdoc position. How can you find available postdoc positions? How should you contact the groups you want to work with, and when it the best time? Want to know more? Read about our mentoring programme in a previous post here on Ethics Dialogues, or watch the recorded presentation to learn more, and hear Ziv share his personal experience of looking for a postdoctoral position after finishing his PhD. Including the things we rarely hear about: the professional, personal and financial aspects, which is very relevant when you are on a quest for a postdoc position.

Recorded HBP Tea & slides session with Karin Grasenick, Julia Trattnig & Ziv Ben-Zion

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